When to do Spring Yardwork

May 04, 2016 at 9:18 AM


Get that “Green Thumb” with These Spring Planting “Rules of Thumb!"



Prior to spring, when the lawn is dormant, is the best time to fertilize your lawn for the summer growing period. You want to get your grass the nutrients it needs before it comes to life after the winter. Ensuring your grass has the nutrients it needs while warding off weeds with a two-in-one formula will save you time.

Summer will distress your lawn, so help it fight back with a combined insect repellant and grass nutrient. Again, this will save both time and money and help you get a healthy, happy, green lawn. A good rule of thumb for general grass fertilization is to give it “weed and feed” in the spring and seed in the fall.

Be sure to water your lawn if it becomes dry, and mow it in different directions each time.



Have you been dreaming of planting your favorite flowers so they bloom beautifully or getting that vegetable garden in the ground so you can enjoy fresh produce later? This month is your time to (sun)shine! The ground should be thawed and frost should no longer be a threat in May. Peas, beans, carrots, and lettuce can be planted this time of year. Carrots should be planted when the dirt has warmed up. You can plant beans and corn throughout the summer so you can keep eating them fresh until the frost in the fall. Lettuce will get bitter when it gets hot. Brussel sprout seeds can be put in the ground towards the end of May or early June. Plant biennials, Canterbury bells, foxgloves, wallflowers, and sweet williams flowers. Get your annual plants – including potatoes – transplanted. Perennials can still be planted, as can trees and shrubs. 

Make sure potted plants have sufficient water and drainage. Most planters either have a tray or a plug that is useful for drainage. You may need to pull the plug if you have had an abundance of moisture since you don't want plants sitting in water. You can move houseplants outside but be careful. Start by setting them out for an hour or so the first day and increasing the time outside each day. Always water them appropriately if they are in full sunshine. Be sure to protect them somewhat from the wind when they first are set outside or they will get beaten up pretty bad.  

Don’t forget to do things like trim your trees and bushes throughout the summer to keep them healthy and looking nice. Tend to the garden to keep pesky unwanted weeds from choking out the fruits of your labor. Water the garden, flowers, trees, and shrubs if they aren’t getting enough to drink. Make sure the location of your garden ensures it will get plenty of sunshine. You may have to put a fence around it if you live in areas where rodents and raccoons can eat away at them.

Be sure to take some time to enjoy your green yard this summer! 




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