Getting Rid of Earwigs

July 22, 2016 at 12:09 AM


We’re sure you’ve noticed the irritating earwigs that have been prevalent around the area this summer. You probably want to get rid of them, if at all possible. We have a few tips for decreasing the number of these pests in your yard or home with these simple steps.

Reduce Damp Areas

Earwigs dwell in wet dirt or decaying plants, so the best way to control them is to get rid of these things so they don’t have a readily available environment. Move wet things that are starting to break down – branches, leaves, etc. – away from the foundation of your home. This will help reduce the number of earwigs that may make their way into your home.

Be sure not to overwater your lawn. Overwatering only works to saturate dirt underneath the grass, encouraging earwig populations to move into the area. Also, be sure to rake leaves and move any other dying vegetation out of your yard.
Move landscaping such as pieces of wood, gravel, or mulch away from the foundation of the house. The ground tends to stay damp longer under these items, which attracts earwigs. Also make sure rain gutters aren’t emptying water near the outside of the house.

Reduce Lighting

Use less outdoor lighting at night. As many bugs are, earwigs are attracted to lights, so turning off outside lights at night or simply having fewer of them will detract insects.


If you do choose to spray for bugs, do so in a three- to six-foot area around the perimeter of the house.


Using traps can also be an effective way to get rid of earwigs. Hide several traps under shrubs and other ground plants throughout the yard. Fill a can that is shallow enough for earwigs to crawl into with vegetable oil.

Protect Entrances

Use caulk or weather stripping around all entries into the home to lessen the number of earwigs that can get into the house.



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