March 2021 Home Feature

Kyle and Trisha Boese, along with their daughter Amelia have lived in Harrisburg since the fall of 2014. When they moved to Harrisburg, they chose to build their home in the Green Meadows Development which was close proximity to schools and work. At the time, the neighborhood was still in development with lots of new builds around it. Kyle and Trisha have always liked Craftsman style homes but they wanted new construction to add some conveniences of a contemporary home. They chose Triad Construction to build them their modern Craftsman style home with oak built-in bookcases and crown molding as a reminiscent of the style they love.

A couple of their favorite outside features of their home are the front porch and the back patio/pergola. They love the spaces to optimize the sun of the day if they want or appreciate the shade while being outdoors. Both spaces allow for family closeness, reading, taking in the neighborhood, outdoor dining and feeling connected to the community. The patio/pergola in the back of the house was an addition to the original house plans but they thought it was wise to include with their initial mortgage rather than adding it later.

Oak Built-Ins

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