June 2020 Pet Spotlight

My Home My Harrisburg would like to feature The Boe Family’s pets named Ember, Flare, Ana and Nova. Ember is a 7 year old chocolate lab that loves to hunt pheasants. Flare, a yellow lab, was welcomed into the family a couple of months ago. She is 3 ½ months old and learning the hunting ropes from Ember. The dogs are named after something to do with firefighting since Trent is a firefighter in Sioux Falls. Ana is a Calico cat that is 10 years old. Lisa said that as a kitten, Ana and her brother, Indy hitched a ride on a trailer that came from Indiana. Nova is 6 years old but has been with the family for 4 years. He is all black with some white so they named him Nova after the space and stars. The family has had pets all their lives and enjoy the companionship they bring.   

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