June 2020 Business Spotlight

My Home My Harrisburg would like to feature a one of a kind business this month, Barrels, Barrels, Barrels. Nate and Ashley Blom found a love of antiquing about 5 years ago and turned their lower level family room into a unique space with corrugated tin walls, old windows, and an old garage door from a farmhouse. Along with this new rustic themed family room, they bought a whiskey barrel from a winery in Iowa that they turned into a pub table for their game room. The piece was a big hit with family and friends and of course they wanted to know where to get a barrel and at that time there were no businesses around this area that would sell these barrels. An idea popped into Nate’s head and he thought why not start a business of selling whiskey barrels. Not really knowing what to call the business, the family drove along Minnesota Ave in Sioux Falls one day and they went past Tires, Tires, Tires. Hunter, their oldest son, said, “let’s call the business, Barrels, Barrels, Barrels”! Nate and Ashley looked at each other and thought that was perfect! Plus it was named by their son, Hunter, which was even more special. 

Nate sells whiskey & wine barrels and other decor. He also has barrels available for rent for weddings, graduations, backyard parties, etc. Nate says, “the best part of this business is having conversations with the customers and hearing what their project is going to be with the barrel”. Barrels, Barrels, Barrels does offer a 10% off discount to Military and First Responders. The barrels can range anywhere from $100 to $150 and Jack Daniels barrels range from $225 to $250. Nate will offer bulk discounts as well. 

You can check out Barrels, Barrels, Barrels on their Facebook page or website to learn more. 

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