July 2020 Precious Pet Spotlight

My Home My Harrisburg would like to feature these 3 special pets to the Johnke/Oslund Family. The family has two dogs and one cat. Ziggy is a Domestic Long Hair cat and has been with the family for the past 11 years. Jill says that Ziggy was probably between 1-3 years of age when they adopted him and named him after Ziggy Marley who is Bob Marley’s son. Ziva is their half Bichon, half Shitzhu dog and she is going to be 3 this month. Ziva was named after a character on a television show called NCIS. Maizy is a year and a half old and she is a half Old English Sheepdog, half Bernese Mountain dog. She was named after a band that Jill like during high school, Mazzy Star. The spelling was different so their oldest daughter, Lyric wanted to change it to Maizy. The family loves their pets so much and they enjoy the companionship they bring to them. Every once in a while you will see Jill with Ziva at Noa’s baseball games!

Ziggy hanging out

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