January 2021 Pet Spotlight

My Home My Harrisburg would like to introduce you to Kirbie and Charlie. These loveable pups are purebred Miniature Schnauzers. Jeremie, Kellie, Macie, Haylie and Mackenzie Olson always knew they wanted to add a puppy to their family but since the girls are allergic to most dogs, the family had to be careful about their choice. Kellie says, schnauzers are one of the breeds that are hypoallergenic so we knew the girls would be ok”. Kirbie is 3, black in color and is named after one of the greatest Minnesota Twins baseball players, Kirby Puckett. Charlie is 1, black and white and he just looked like a Charlie so the name stuck. The first names of all the family members all end in “ie” so they kept the same theme going with the pups. Some of Kirbie and Charlie’s favorite things to do are go on walks, play fetch, sleep, snuggle, beg for food and bark.

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