February 2021 Pet Spotlight

My Home My Harrisburg would like to introduce you to Duncan, the Hermanson Family’s beloved cat. Scot and Krystal, along with their children, Tait and Nora have always had pets as a part of their family. When Scot and Krystal were married, they had Krystal’s family’s cat, Toby. Krystal said that Toby was a great cat that lived to be 18 years old. They also had a tortoise named Sprint for several years. Krystal said Nora is always asking for a puppy but they just aren’t home enough to give a dog the attention it deserves, and with no relatives in the state, they travel over weekends a lot to see family so they’d end up kenneling a dog too much.  A cat is low-maintenance enough that it works out well for the Hermanson family. 

It was about a year after Toby passed away that it was time to add another pet to the family. Krystal said they knew they wanted a black and white cat. They found out that the Humane Society had a litter of 5 abandoned black and white kittens so they went to check them out. The kittens were all in a small room and the family went in to play with them. Tait, who was 8 at the time, very specifically pointed out and picked Duncan. Scot and Krystal still laugh about this because it seems like Duncan knows who it was that saved him that day. He plays the nicest and cuddles most with Tait, though as Nora gets older he seems to like hanging out with her more and more. Duncan loves to play fetch with hair bands, rubber bracelets, and fake mice. He’s got dozens of random and strange nicknames that seem to pop up daily (current favorites are Mr. Pants and Dunners). He likes to be wherever most of them are – usually that’s on the coffee table in the middle of the living room, or on the bathroom counter watching as the family gets ready in the morning.

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