February 2019 Precious Pet Spotlight

Jett Pack John Corbine is a 5 year old Goldendoodle. “My son (Calvin) has dreamt of being a pilot since he first stepped foot on a plane. He chose the name, and I chose the spelling”, says Andrea.

The Corbine’s had fostered a German Shorthair around 10 years ago from Second Chance Rescue and quickly discovered that Calvin was allergic to dogs. “We originally thought he had the swine flu”, adds Andrea. Andrea has been a huge dog lover her whole life and was completely devastated that they would not be able to have a family dog. 4 years later, Andrea’s sister’s family got a Schnoodle (a hypoallergenic breed). “I had not heard of hypoallergenic breeds previously, so I immediately started researching”, She says. On October 11, 2013, Andrea and Calvin went to visit a Goldendoodle breeder in Hull, IA (Whispering Pines) to see how he would respond…He had no issues allergy-wise! On November 6th, the Corbine’s brought their little love home and has now been with their family for 5+ years.

Jett is so special to the Corbine’s because he is truly a miracle, twice-over! Shortly after bringing him home, he contracted Parvo (the first and only case the breeder had). Parvo is a serious virus where the chance of perishing is higher than living. The Corbine’s were told to take Jett home and make his last days as comfortable as possible. “Thankfully, Jett is a fighter!”, says Andrea. Fast forward to July 2016. Andrea and Calvin were on a 17 day vacation and while they were gone, Jett’s health mysteriously started going downhill fast. By the time they got home, he could barely walk and had lost a significant amount of weight. Jett had somehow caught Blastomycosis, a fungal infection typically found in spores along the Mississippi River. The infection attacks the lungs, spinal cord, eyes, brain, etc. For the second time in his very short life, the Corbine’s were told to take Jett home and provide the best quality of life they could, as it may be the end. Jett was a fighter. This fight took 18 months, but fight he did! On December 20, 2017, during Andrea and Calvin’s first Christmas celebration of the season, Andrea received a phone call from Dr. Rogan, telling her in the most excited voice that Jett was FINALLY “blasto” free! “It’s fair to say, not a day goes by where we are not consciously thankful that Jett is here with us”, says Andrea, “And he’s special for 5,897 other reasons as well, but his health has certainly been an uphill battle for us.”

Jett is also good at hide-and-seek and goes to The Dapper Dog Grooming Salon in Harrisburg!


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