April 2021 Resident Spotlight

My Home My Harrisburg would like to introduce you to the Israel Family! Trevor, Rhiannon and Connor have been residents of South Dakota for over 4 years. The small community feel, home price, and a delicious lunch at Fresh Horses Saloon during their house-hunting hunt influenced their decision to move from Sioux Falls and purchase in Harrisburg! 

Trevor and Rhiannon meet in Tennessee, fell in love and followed Trevor’s career to South Dakota. Connor, their son who is almost one, has brought them incredible joy, “Words cannot adequately describe this amazing little boy and what he has brought to our lives,” said Rhiannon. 

Rhiannon owns Welcome Sioux Falls and runs Sioux Falls Area Newcomers Club. Their mission is to  provide relocation support for individuals and families moving into Sioux Falls community and beyond, to include Harrisburg, Tea, Hartford, and Brandon. “We focus on the personal side of relocation, as this is often overlooked but the key to a successful relocation!” Rhiannon said. She continues “We believe that relocation should be successful for all parties involved [Individual, Family, Employer and Community] and provide support to make that happen. Moving is a Major-Life-Change that affects every aspect of our lives. No matter how great the move may be, there are still struggles and challenges along the way.  Being able to support businesses with their employee relocations, communities with their new residents and families making the move is very rewarding.  I love my job!”

Check out Welcome Sioux Falls here.

Trevor and Rhiannon enjoy getting outside, traveling, and trying new foods! They are looking forward to the warmer whether and enjoying time in their yard and more adventures this summer as a family. Rhiannon is especially looking forward to watching Trevor do yard work! The continued growth contributing to a greater quality of life, small town feel, and the walkable neighborhood access within a mile of their home is what has them staying in Harrisburg for the long hall.

Israel Family

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