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CityHall_vs2.jpgCity of Harrisburg Data

It all started back in 1890 with the railroad, and has proceeded to thrive since. Over the past decade, Harrisburg has seen the population soar, the school system explode and the community continue to develop with the passing of each day.

Total Population: 5,698
Households: 1,591

Sources: NeighborhoodScout.com

2016 Harrisburg Community Census


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RealEstatePricesOverview.jpgReal Estate Prices & Overview

Median home value in Harrisburg is $206,842.

The average rental price in Harrisburg is currently $1004.

Real estate in Harrisburg is primarily made up of medium sized (three or four bedroom) to large (four, five, or more bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high rise apartments. Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied. Many of the residences are newer, built in 2000 or more recently and the growth continues.

The current vacancy rate is 3.8%, which is a lower rate of vacancies than 90.2% of all neighborhoods in the U.S. The housing supply is very tight compared to the demand for property.

Information from NeighborhoodScout.com

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House1.jpgNeighborhood Characteristics

Diversity: Did you know that Harrisburg has more Dutch and Norwegian ancestry people living in it than nearly any neighborhood in America? It’s true! In fact, 12.3% of residents have Dutch ancestry and 17.9% have Norwegian ancestry.

People: If you're looking for a great place to raise a family, look no further than Harrisburg. The combination of quality public schools, above-average safety from crime, and a high rate of home ownership in predominantly single-family homes help make Harrisburg among the top 14.9% of family friendly neighborhoods across the state of South Dakota.

Real Estate: Homes built from 2000 through today make up a higher portion of the Harrisburg neighborhoods than 97.7% of the neighborhoods in America. 70% of the residential real estate is classified as newer.

Information from NeighborhoodScout.com

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KidParkPhoto.jpgThe Neighbors

Income: Neighbors in Harrisburg are upper-middle income, making it an above average income neighborhood. Harrisburg has a higher income than 80.2% of the neighborhoods in America. In addition, 10.6% of the children seventeen and under living in this neighborhood are living below the federal poverty line, which is a lower rate of childhood poverty than is found in 62.6% of America’s neighborhoods.

Occupations: In Harrisburg, 40.7% of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is sales and service jobs, with 25.9% of the residents employed. Other residents are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations (18.2%). And 15.2% in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations.

Ethnicity/Ancestry: In Harrisburg, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as German (49.1%). There are also a number of people of Norwegian ancestry (17.9%), Dutch roots (12.3%), Irish ancestry (8.9%), English ancestry residents (5.9%), among others.

                                                                                     Language: The most common language spoken in Harrisburg is English, spoken by 97.7% of households.

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WheelPhoto.jpgCommute To Work

The greatest number of commuters in Harrisburg spend between 15 and 30 minutes commuting one-way to work (70.9% of working residents), which is shorter than the time spent commuting to work for most Americans.

Information from NeighborhoodScout.com

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